started with one photographer.

We now have two.


home breaks were the Northern NSW breaks.


home breaks were around the Eastern and Western Vic breaks.

We have both been around the surf scene for many years.

Our passion in photography started many years ago as well.

We shoot with the top quality Cannon cameras and lenses.

Our focus with nutgraphics is to provide quality shots of people in the surf.

We shoot the shots from the beach and from the water so you get a range of different angles,

sometimes two angles of the same wave!

We have found people just keep coming back for shots from us.

Here are some comments from happy customers:


“Thanks heaps, the photographers – and i have to say, you’re very handy in the water there Nut!” – John Brasen Editor Pacific Longboarder

“It sounds like a good Christmas present from the kids”

“I have made sure that my family have looked at them, over and over and over and over again… My two young girls were excited to see their dad in action. Once again thank you so very much

I would not hesitate to pass your name on to anyone that is looking for a photo shoot.”

 ”I was stocked to see a good shot of me surfing, I’m usually on the other side of the lens, as you are. Thanks again” – Jules of Phoenix Photography

“Thanks for being a part of the team” – Disabled Surfers Association

“It was good to meet up at Gunna the other day, nice quality photos look forward to meeting up down there now summer is on the way.” – James Tuck of Tuck Shapes

“Great work – you both have a great eye.” – Mark from Smorgasboarder

“Love the photos thanks! The waves look so clean and glassy. Our mate with the Aussie board is pretty stoked with his photo!”

” I got the pictures today .. as the ad says, priceless. Thank you again”

“Hi Guys, You have not let us down, photos of the groms are great. The groms will be in contact soon ..! Thanks” – A

“Been surfing for over 40 years and hardly have any photos of me surfing…  so really appreciate these.”

“Bloody ripper off a shot mate. Love it! Thanks mate, your doing a good service for all those who love this sport but don’t get the opportunity to have shots taken and see themselves surf.”

“Fantastic! Thanks so much! I love your photos…” 

” Thought I would let you know that you are way too cheap. Went to Fiji last month and the photographer for our boat wants $ 15 for a “facebook” only quality photo and dearer from there up.  Much prefer the way you do it”

“The disc arrived Monday and works great. Thank you!” – Rory Oke

“The shots look awesome guys! Thanks again. We have been very happy with your service. Matty and mates”

 ”I have been surfing for over 30 years (mostly up north), and this was the 1st time I have ever seen a photo of me surfing! I think the photos will help me enormously, so thanks!”

“Hey Guys, Awesome pics!!! SO STOKED! You guys are Great! Getting a few blown up. Love the DVD cover! feel like a PRO. LOL! Thanks heaps guys. Moses.”
“Thanks for going above and beyond”
“Thanks for the images, that has been a huge bonus.” – Morgan Peninsula Surfriders Club
“Your photo quality is great, makes everyone look like a great surfer”


If you have identified yourself in any of the gallery pages, then contact us to get your photos!